Zootopia Review

Walt Disney Animation Studios is at the top of their game these days with yet another first class animated movie like Zootopia, coming right on the heels of possibly the most popular animated movie ever, Frozen in 2013. In 2010 they gave us the equally wonderful Tangled and then in 2014 they changed their game with a wonderful story about a boy and his robot called Big Hero 6. Followers of my blog might recall that I wrote a post in 2014 that predicted that Disney had found their new hit movie making formula. I called it the Frozen Formula. … Continue reading Zootopia Review

Penguins – Zany Fun

The Penguins of Madagascar movie (2014) is an action-packed comedy bonanza that was largely overlooked in the theaters. I, like most people, missed it during its theatrical run, but I caught it a few nights ago on Netflix. My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written story of the scene stealing Penguins from the Madagascar movies. The comedy was laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish. The four starring Penguin characters all have distinct personalities that play off each other hilariously. Here is a sample scene, one of many, just to give a taste of the clever banter that goes back and forth … Continue reading Penguins – Zany Fun

Inside Out – A Delightful Head Trip

It’s been a few years since Pixar has put out a  movie that is an original story (not a sequel). There has been some speculation among fans about the possibility that the golden days of Pixar were over. Cars 2, Planes, and Monsters University were all good movies, but they weren’t the instant classics that Pixar had successfully put out  year after year beginning in 1995 with Toy Story and ending with Toy Story 3 in 2010. Even Brave in 2012, though a really good movie, seemed to be missing some of the Pixar magic. Had the animation crown fallen … Continue reading Inside Out – A Delightful Head Trip

Great Fathers in Movies

I’m a father of four wonderful kids. I know from personal experience and from professional studies that I’ve come across how important fathers are to the well-being of families. Their role is huge. Most fictional fathers, portrayed in television and movies, are bumbling clueless oafs, a fact that saddens me to no end. However, over the years I’ve come across a few movies that feature smart, loving and resourceful fathers. With Father’s Day just a few days away, I thought it would be appropriate to spotlight some of my favorite movies that feature strong father figures. 1. COURAGEOUS (2011, Sherwood Pictures) – Short Summary: When a tragedy … Continue reading Great Fathers in Movies

Pixar Top 5

In honor of Inside Out being released June 19th, the first non-sequel Pixar film since 2012 (Brave), I took an informal poll on my Facebook page to get an idea of which Pixar movies are most popular among average viewers (not film critics). A big thanks to all my friends who participated. That poll is below. After that, I’ve listed my personal favorites. Top 5 Pixar Movies – Personal Poll on Facebook 1. Finding Nemo 2. Toy Story 1 3. The Incredibles 4. Toy Story 3 5. Wall-E My Personal Top 7 Pixar Movies 1. The Incredibles 2. Wall-E 3. Toy Story 3 … Continue reading Pixar Top 5

Summer Movies For Kids

This is my list of summer 2015 movies that have great promise of being well-made entertaining movies AND appropriate for kids (some are for older kids, maybe 12 and up). These are the ones I’m personally looking forward to. I plan to see every one of these eventually, but the two that have me about to jump out of my skin in anticipation are The Avengers 2 because the first Avengers movie is possibly the greatest movie every made, and Inside Out because it’s the first Pixar movie that isn’t a sequel since Brave in 2012. And, in my opionion, Pixar movies are … Continue reading Summer Movies For Kids

BIG HERO 6 – My Review

Big Hero 6, the new movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios, was a big hit with me and my kids. The story is set in the future when robotic technology is revolutionizing everything. Our hero, named “Hero”, is one of several kids we’re introduced to in the movie, who are gifted robotic designers/engineers. When Hero’s big brother is killed in a tragic fire, Hero becomes depressed and purposeless. Until he discovers two things; the evil villain who was responsible for his brother’s death, and the lovable robot named Baymax that was his brother’s life achievement. Along the way Hero enlists the help … Continue reading BIG HERO 6 – My Review

The Lego Movie – My Review

The Lego Movie has been out since March of this year, so I’ve had plenty of time to read reviews and talk to people who have seen it. All reports have been overwhelmingly positive. You can read a sampling of the reviews here, on an earlier post from my blog. Normally when I’ve heard so many good things about a movie I get my hopes up too high and I end up disappointed. That was not the case with The Lego Movie. I finally got a chance to see it and I enjoyed it from start to finish. It was flat-out funny … Continue reading The Lego Movie – My Review