Inside Out – A Delightful Head Trip

It’s been a few years since Pixar has put out a  movie that is an original story (not a sequel). There has been some speculation among fans about the possibility that the golden days of Pixar were over. Cars 2, Planes, and Monsters University were all good movies, but they weren’t the instant classics that Pixar had successfully put out  year after year beginning in 1995 with Toy Story and ending with Toy Story 3 in 2010. Even Brave in 2012, though a really good movie, seemed to be missing some of the Pixar magic. Had the animation crown fallen … Continue reading Inside Out – A Delightful Head Trip

BIG HERO 6 – My Review

Big Hero 6, the new movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios, was a big hit with me and my kids. The story is set in the future when robotic technology is revolutionizing everything. Our hero, named “Hero”, is one of several kids we’re introduced to in the movie, who are gifted robotic designers/engineers. When Hero’s big brother is killed in a tragic fire, Hero becomes depressed and purposeless. Until he discovers two things; the evil villain who was responsible for his brother’s death, and the lovable robot named Baymax that was his brother’s life achievement. Along the way Hero enlists the help … Continue reading BIG HERO 6 – My Review

The FROZEN Formula

FROZEN, by Walt Disney Animation Studios came out on Blu-ray and DVD March 18th. By the time that day ended Frozen had sold 3.2 million copies (in one day) to make it “one of the biggest sellers on home video in a decade.” according to “Frozen has now earned $1.032 billion at the global box office and is the 13th highest grossing film ever released.”, the article goes on the say. Read the full article here. This is evidence that Walt Disney Animation has succeeded in reinventing itself and is back on top of the major motion picture animation business. I’m sure … Continue reading The FROZEN Formula