BIG HERO 6 – My Review

Big Hero 6 CharactersBig Hero 6, the new movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios, was a big hit with me and my kids. The story is set in the future when robotic technology is revolutionizing everything. Our hero, named “Hero”, is one of several kids we’re introduced to in the movie, who are gifted robotic designers/engineers. When Hero’s big brother is killed in a tragic fire, Hero becomes depressed and purposeless. Until he discovers two things; the evil villain who was responsible for his brother’s death, and the lovable robot named Baymax that was his brother’s life achievement. Along the way Hero enlists the help of his 4 computer geek friends to help catch the bad guy. Together, they design superhero suits for themselves, complete with enough high-tech gizmos and supersonic weapons that would make even The Avengers jealous

Big Hero 6 is one of those rare animated movies that feels original. It’s got a unique identity in a day and age where computer animated movies sometimes seem a dime a dozen. Although there are plenty of light-hearted moments meant to make us smile and laugh, Big Hero 6 really soars during its dramatic scenes and action sequences. Two serious themes are prevalent throughout the movie; the loss of a loved one and getting justice verses getting revenge. These are handled well, never too dark where parents would have to worry about their kids watching, and in the end all negative themes are turned into positive.Big Hero 6 Review

Cautions for Parents – There isn’t much to worry about here except some perilous action sequences that may be too much for younger kids. Plus, the aforementioned theme of losing a loved one. Another issue that may be concerning is that Hero has a habit of lying to his family and friends to achieve his desired results. He learns his lesson in the end, however. For parents with kids that are not too young, this is that rare treat of a movie that will allow adults to have as much fun watching as their kids do.

Most of all, Big Hero 6 is a well written roller coaster of a movie that made us laugh, cry, clutch our seats during some incredible action scenes, and wish we could wrap our arms around Baymax the robot. A big STAR from starsandsplats for Big Hero 6.


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