My Creative Christian Heroes

One of my passions is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ communicated to the world in creative ways. Just because we’re talking about God doesn’t mean we have to preach a sermon, standing in a pulpit, delivering a dry monologue, using Biblical terms that many people don’t understand. We believers should use the talents and gifts God has given us to tell the lost world about Jesus in creative ways. Jesus did when he spoke in parables. Storytelling was one of the highest forms of entertainment of His day. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of Christians who have inspired me, throughout … Continue reading My Creative Christian Heroes

Straight Outta Compton, Movie

Not all rap music is full of explicit language, violence and degrading depictions of women, but much of today’s rap music is. The new movie Straight Outta Compton is a biopic about the group of five rappers known as N.W.A. who had a huge influence in popularizing rap music that is filled with hate, violence, sex, and explicit language, otherwise known as Gangsta Rap. According to this review at, the movie attempts to justify the art of N.W.A. by sympathetically telling the story of their lives leading up to the release of their groundbreaking album Straight Outta Compton back in … Continue reading Straight Outta Compton, Movie

Garth Brooks puts Family First

I am not a fan of Country Music, nor have I ever had any interest in Garth Brooks … until now. I do know that Mr. Brooks is one of the biggest Country Music legends of all time, and when I hear of such a humble, God-centered attitude coming from someone of his public stature, I think we should all take notice. I give Garth Brooks a big STAR for avoiding the trappings of stardom and choosing to live an unselfish life that will surely have a positive impact on his three daughters as they begin their own lives. Please read the article … Continue reading Garth Brooks puts Family First

Bette Midler, on Ariana Grande

The article below appeared yesterday on, and it shares Bette Midler’s take on the overly sexualized young female pop singers that dominate the music scene these days. Bette says it much better than I ever could, and she has the professional pedigree to make these statements. I agree completely. It’s a great article and I really hope it will be read by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the list, sadly, goes on and on. Below is the article. Bette Midler to Ariana Grande: ‘Don’t make a whore out of yourself to get ahead’ by Michael Lewittes, … Bette … Continue reading Bette Midler, on Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande & the Pop Star Machine

Why is it that talented young actresses that get their start on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel almost always go off the deep end as soon as they hit adulthood? One day they’re clean-cut and wholesome and the perfect role-model for our kids, and then they turn 18 or 21 and turn into partying-hard, overly-sexualized pop stars who care nothing about the influence they’re having on their young fans. This is an issue that has bothered me for some time, being the father of three girls. Two of my girls are still in their tween years so I’m especially concerned as they watch their favorite … Continue reading Ariana Grande & the Pop Star Machine

The Willis Clan

I just discovered the Willis Clan a few days ago but I’m already a huge fan. I watched the video below, their audition for America’s Got Talent. I was blown away by not just their talent, but also the sheer coolness of a family of 12 talented kids playing and singing together and having a great time in the process. Watch for yourself. Here is a link to a great article on the Willis Clan at Their story is fascinating and inspiring. I won’t try to repeat the article, but instead comment on what I love about this family. 1. They are a Christian … Continue reading The Willis Clan

Katy Perry, Not Making a Joyful Noise

Christian rappers Lecrae and Flame are suing pop singer Katy Perry for stealing the beat from their song “Joyful Noise”, a strongly Christian song, and using it in her song “Dark Horse”, a song that glorifies black magic and other kinds of evil. Below is the article from I’ll follow the with my comments on this story. “It may have been a huge smash for her this year, but now she’s getting sued for it. Pop star Katy Perry is being taken to court by rappers Lecrae and Flame for allegedly stealing the beat from their song ‘Joyful Noise’ and using it in her chart-topping … Continue reading Katy Perry, Not Making a Joyful Noise

The Lego Movie

The Movie Guide says, “THE LEGO MOVIE is a hilarious movie with great animation and a strong moral worldview containing a strong Christian allegory. Read their full review here. Plugged In says, “It’s a bright, silly and breakneck-paced good-guy-vs.-bad-guy tale that offers kids and kids at heart two big lessons: Believe in yourself, and let your imagination lift you up to creative rapture.” Read their review here. Entertainment Weekly says, “…it’s conceptually audacious, it’s visually astonishing, and it’s 10 times more clever and smart and funny than it needed to be. Here, at last, is an animated comedy that never … Continue reading The Lego Movie

Mandisa’s Grammy Wins

 for Mandisa. At the 2014 Grammy Awards she won for the Best Contemporary Christian Album and she won for the Best Contemporary Christian Song. Both the album and the song are titled “Overcomer”. Mandisa deserves these awards, not only for being extremely talented and putting out catchy songs with positive faith-filled lyrics, but also for setting a wonderful example for young women in today’s society. In my research I found out that the title “Overcomer” refers to breast cancer survivors. She has come a long way since performing in the 5th season of American Idol. For more info on this talented … Continue reading Mandisa’s Grammy Wins