The Willis Clan

I just discovered the Willis Clan a few days ago but I’m already a huge fan. I watched the video below, their audition for America’s Got Talent. I was blown away by not just their talent, but also the sheer coolness of a family of 12 talented kids playing and singing together and having a great time in the process. Watch for yourself.

Here is a link to a great article on the Willis Clan at Their story is fascinating and inspiring. I won’t try to repeat the article, but instead comment on what I love about this family.

1. They are a Christian family who has come through great personal tragedy and held onto their faith.

2. They are a Homeschooled family

3. When the parents, Toby and Brenda Willis, received enough money from Toby’s parents to retire (from their settlement after the tragedy … read the article for details), they chose to stay home with their kids and make their family the center of their new lives.

4. I grew up on reruns of The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch (remember the episodes where the kids were in a singing group together? Plus, groups like The Osmonds and the Jackson 5 were also big when I was young. The Willis Clan captures a lot of the same magic that those families had, with a bunch of extra talent and more kids added to the mix to make them, for lack of a catchier phrase, a musical family, upgraded and maxed out, for today’s audiences who expect everything to be way better than yesterday. That’s the Willis Clan.

Below is one of the many fun videos they’ve put together. Watch this and you’ll be asking yourself, “is there no end to the talent in this family?” And I haven’t even mentioned their dancing skills and wrestling.


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