Pixar’s INSIDE OUT – First Trailer

This is the first trailer released by Pixar for their upcoming movie, Inside Out. The movie’s not due out until June 19th of next year, but I’m excited about this one and I know many others are excited because it’s the first original (not a sequel) Pixar movie since Brave in 2012. In my opinion, Pixar movies are the cream of the crop as far as CGI animated movies go, so this is important stuff. This trailer doesn’t show us a whole lot, but it gives us enough to see that this one follows in the pattern of all of Pixar’s original titles, in that each is completely different from the rest. Inside Out looks like it will be another great one.

By the way, the first half of this trailer is clips from other Pixar classics, leading into the scenes from Inside Out in the 2nd half. I thought that was an interesting way for Pixar to go about teasing their next movie. It’s like they’re saying “Hey it’s us, Pixar! Remember us? The people who made all of those great animated movies that everyone loved during the last 20 years? That’s right we’re still here so make sure you watch our new movie. We promise it will be as good as these other great movies that we’ve just reminded you of.”

For more information on Pixar movies coming out including Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur, read an earlier blog post of mine HERE.

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