Alexander’s Bad Day

Alexander's Bad DayFinally, a family comedy that’s funny, clever, well acted, clean for the most part,  and full of that old-fashioned Disney Magic. says this …

If not for the omnipresent iPhones, the otherwise delightfully retro Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day could pass for something very early Disney, like maybe The Shaggy Dog or even Honey I Shrunk the Kids with better acting.

Based on the popular grade-school book with the same title, Alexander successfully maintains the spirit of Judith Viorst’s original 20-page story while incorporating plenty of sitcom hi-jinx to help bulk it up to feature film length.

When a movie is based on such a short work, it has the potential to wear out its welcome in a hurry. But what helps elevate Alexander above ho-hum family fare is a smart and funny script that doesn’t drag and a top-notch cast including Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner and a cameo from reliable scene-stealer Jennifer Coolidge as a delightfully sadistic driver’s test star

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