The Lego Movie – My Review

The Lego MovieThe Lego Movie has been out since March of this year, so I’ve had plenty of time to read reviews and talk to people who have seen it. All reports have been overwhelmingly positive. You can read a sampling of the reviews here, on an earlier post from my blog. Normally when I’ve heard so many good things about a movie I get my hopes up too high and I end up disappointed. That was not the case with The Lego Movie. I finally got a chance to see it and I enjoyed it from start to finish. It was flat-out funny with some of the most clever writing I’ve heard in a while. It taught some great moral lessons, like everyone is special. It lampooned a ton of familiar characters like Batman, Gandolph the Wizard, Abraham Lincoln and many more. And, the story stayed true to the Lego universe all the way from the madcap beginning to the glorious ending. The Lego Movie

This is one of those rare movies that can be enjoyed equally by parents and their kids. Most parents grew up with Legos, so there is a certain sentimental quality in watching them come to life on the screen. Also, the humor seemed to be written more for the parents than the kids. By that I don’t mean that it was sexual humor or toilet humor. Not, at all. Rather, the humor was definitely more sophisticated than what we normally get in animated movies for kids. I’d put it right up there with the classic Pixar movies as far as the level of sophistication in the script.

blue starIn summary, The Lego Movie is a fun, intelligent, hilarious movie that all parents should rent and watch with their kids. I give this movie a definite STAR!

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