The Boxtrolls

Update Friday, Sept. 26th

The Boxtrolls comes out today and the reviews have revealed that it’s not the “family friendly” movie that I imagined in my post below. At least it’s not friendly for the traditional family. I’m referring to the choice the film makers made to weave in a message about the positive virtues of having same-sex parents. The book that The Boxtrolls is based on, Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow, does not preach that message, so my view is the movie has no business throwing in such a controversial topic. Everything else about The Boxtrolls sounds like the fun and imaginative movie I’d hoped it would be. Sadly, however, the filmmakers saw this movie as an opportunity to use comedy, catchy songs, eye-popping animation, and loveable characters to change The hearts and minds of our young people. –  For a thorough and honest review of The Boxtrolls, read it HERE at

Original Post

Here is a movie that I haven’t heard much about, but it looks like it’s going to be one of the great family friendly movies of the year. Take a look.


THE BOXTROLLS . . . . September 26th

The story looks original and fun, and I love stop-motion animation. The plot description on is “A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator.”  I have also learned that the movie is based on a book I’d never heard of before; Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow. That book is now on my must-read list, and the movie is on my must-watch list.


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