Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A TimeHonestly, I don’t watch much TV because of a lack of time, and because there is almost always something better I can be doing. And, my kids don’t watch much TV because we encourage reading over screen watching as much as possible. But, if you’ve read my blog at all you will know that I’m a huge fan of watching movies and even television as a family when there is something worthwhile to watch. Call me boring if you wish but that’s a fun evening to me. I say all of this to recommend one TV show that is still current (not an old show in re-runs) that my kids and I have been enjoying together; Once Upon a Time. The show’s stories are well-written with just enough suspense and creative plot twists to keep us all on the edge of our seats. Yet, the stories are also filled with enough magic and whimsical characters to keep things from getting too dark. I give the real credit to ABC and the show’s producers for giving us a show that can truly be called a family show.

I must come clean on one point here before I go any further. We have only watched most of the first season on Netflix, so I don’t really know what’s to come as the story progresses. I have seen other family reviews that agree and say that even in later seasons the show has remained clean and well worth the time to view. So far, I am happy to award Once Upon A Time a STAR for being a well-made, fun family TV show; a rare thing these days indeed.

Big news for season 4, which starts just very soon on ABC; Elsa from Disney’s Frozen will be joining the cast. I’ll be starting season 2 soon so I had to cheat to find the video below. But, now that I’ve seen it I’m determined to find some time to binge watch Once Upon a Time so we can catch up and see how Elsa fits into the show. For all of you who are caught up with the show, enjoy this clip from the season finale last year when Elsa made her first appearance.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Don’t worry, Elsa barely showed up during last season’s final episode. You won’t miss much back story for her. However, Rumple/Gold, Peter Pan, Baelfyre/Neal, Hook, Henry and Emma have quite a bit of action going on.

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