Does God Exist? True-U

I am currently going through this DVD series with a group of teenagers at my church. The series is called True-U, Does God Exist? I give it a big STAR and I highly recommend this series as well as the other two True-U sets, “Is The Bible Reliable” and “Who is Jesus?”. It’s professionally made and very enlightening. This is no simplified Sunday School lesson. It’s presented more as a college course with one of the top Christian Scientists and Apologists, Dr. Stephen Meyer speaking to a room full of college age kids. Focus on the Family designed the True-U series as a college level version of it’s more popular Truth Project series, another DVD series that I strongly recommend to everyone who breaths oxygen. I’m showing the True-U series to a group of Middle and High Schoolers because it’s my opinion that by the time kids get to college it’s usually too late for them to learn why they believe what they believe. The teachings in this 10 lesson series are at times technical and you have to listen hard to stay with Dr. Meyer, but for the most part even the youngest kids in my class are understanding the information. We always follow with a group discussion that serves as a review and helps to solidify what we’ve learned.True U Does God Exist?

The premise is that there is much more scientific evidence to support the existence of a God who not only created the Universe but also sustains it , then for any other explanation of our origins. After going through this series, I now know that it’s simply a matter of ignorance and laziness that prompts Christians to defend their faith with statements like, “I believe in God because…well…I have faith that he’s real.” Yes, we all need faith, but in our current culture where people with a Christian worldview are mocked on television and viewed as weak and ignorant on most college campuses, we must know why we believe what we believe, or we can easily be pressured into abandoning the truth and believing the lies that are taught as truth. Actually, what happens most often is that we try to combine the lies with the truths. This is known as straddling the fence, a strategy that will not succeed.

I’m not connected with Focus on the Family in any way, so don’t think I’m getting paid to plug their products. I have honestly enjoyed going through True-U and it’s predecessor The Truth Project. They both shine a bright light into the darkness that’s all around us. To find out more, go to the True-U website. Here, also is a link to The Truth Project.

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