Who is Ant Man?

Another Marvel superhero comes to the big screen this week. He’s Ant-Man, a name that is not exactly a household name like Spider Man, Superman or Batman. Marvel Comic book fans will instantly identify Ant-Man as one of the founding members of The Avengers. That fact alone gives us an important clue as to why Ant-Man is being deemed important enough to be given his own big-budget movie. We can expect to see him joining Iron Man, Captain America and the rest in upcoming Avengers films. It’s already been confirmed that Ant-Man will be in the upcoming film, Captain America: Civil War, … Continue reading Who is Ant Man?

Summer Movies For Kids

This is my list of summer 2015 movies that have great promise of being well-made entertaining movies AND appropriate for kids (some are for older kids, maybe 12 and up). These are the ones I’m personally looking forward to. I plan to see every one of these eventually, but the two that have me about to jump out of my skin in anticipation are The Avengers 2 because the first Avengers movie is possibly the greatest movie every made, and Inside Out because it’s the first Pixar movie that isn’t a sequel since Brave in 2012. And, in my opionion, Pixar movies are … Continue reading Summer Movies For Kids

Avengers 2 Artwork from Comic-Con

Marvel Comics and Disney have revealed a new poster from their upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie, due out May of 2015. They’ve revealed two new pieces of the poster every day of Comic-Con 2014, going on now. This is the first real preview we’ve gotten from the new movie, so the poster is reportedly causing quite a stir in San Diego where the convention is being held. For those of us unfortunate enough to not be able to make the event, I’ve got the full poster here, fresh from Comic-Con, for us to drool over. Here it is … Continue reading Avengers 2 Artwork from Comic-Con

Avengers Spoof

The Avengers is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I also love a good spoof. I couldn’t resist watching this Honest Trailer of The Avengers. It’s very funny and most of the jokes are pretty much right on. I laughed all the way through it. Watch and enjoy … and then go watch The Avengers again because it really is a great movie. Continue reading Avengers Spoof

Captain America Films, Good & Bad

As the 2nd Captain America solo film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier prepares to launch this weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how this most patriotic of Marvel heroes has progressed throughout the years in film. He’s been one of the most popular Marvel comic book characters since his introduction in 1941. So, it’s only natural that there have been several attempts to dramatize Captain America in movies and television. CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE SERIAL – 1944 – As you’ll see in the trailer below, our hero seems more like a super cop trying to bring down the … Continue reading Captain America Films, Good & Bad