Captain America Films, Good & Bad

captain america filmAs the 2nd Captain America solo film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier prepares to launch this weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how this most patriotic of Marvel heroes has progressed throughout the years in film. He’s been one of the most popular Marvel comic book characters since his introduction in 1941. So, it’s only natural that there have been several attempts to dramatize Captain America in movies and television.

CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE SERIAL – 1944 – As you’ll see in the trailer below, our hero seems more like a super cop trying to bring down the mob boss than a super hero. I must say, though, considering the lack of computer special effects and the limits on violence back in those days, this trailer really does make the serial look action-packed.

CAPTAIN AMERICA, ON CBS – 1979 – Costumes are better and the action sequences are at least trying to make him look like he has some super abilities, but the 70’s styles, goofy acting, and corny music make this version look sillier than the one from 1944. There were two TV movies in ’79 on CBS. This is the promo for the first one.

CAPTAIN AMERICA, FILM – 1990 – This one bombed at the box office. It looks a whole lot better than the ’79 version. Better acting, better production values, and even a few good-looking effects … but if the trailer is any indication there was way too much of the corny 1950’s comic book factor left in the film. Too bad directors Joe Johnston and Joss Whedon were still in grade school when this came out. It could have used their help.

CAPTAIN AMERICA, 2012 – Just to show how far we’ve come in bringing comic book characters to life on the big screen. Here’s a really awesome scene from Captain America: The First Avenger.

4 thoughts on “Captain America Films, Good & Bad

  1. I’m looking forward to the new Cap movie, too, and to adding the Falcon to Marvel’s movie roster. Cap and Falcon were a team for a really long time, and I look forward to what they do with him.

    Another long-running plot involved the villainess Diamondback trying to turn her life around and be worthy of Cap. I’d love if they could work that one into Cap’s movies going forward.

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