Beyond The Mask

I was interested in seeing Beyond the Mask because, to my knowledge, its the first action adventure period movie produced by a Christian film company. Burns Family Studios made Beyond the Mask and released it last year. The only movie series that I can think of to compare it to is the Pirates of the Caribbean series, although Mask is not about pirates. But, it is around the same time period and involves lots of action set in historic locations between good guys and bad guys. The story is set in the 1700’s in England and in America during the … Continue reading Beyond The Mask

Risen Review

The movie Risen is a well made, thought provoking movie that’s worth seeing. I liked it for two reasons. Number one; it doesn’t look or feel like a Christian movie. The acting was excellent and the setting and costumes looked authentic. Number two; it provides a fresh take on a familiar Easter story. How would a non-believer who was forced to take an in-depth look at the alleged resurrection of Jesus Christ, react? As the details of the resurrection unfold he is confronted with the unexpected conclusion that it might be true. For me, the movie became the most interesting when … Continue reading Risen Review

Woodlawn Inspires

The first couple of times I’d heard of Woodlawn, and even the first time I saw the trailer for it, I was not at all excited about seeing it. “Another football movie about a racially divided school?” I thought. “We’ve seen it all before.” In my mind, the best movie in this category would always be Remember the Titans. But, after Woodlawn was released I began to hear some positive feedback from critics and friends who had seen it. I decided it was worth seeing. Besides, it’s a Christian film, made by The Erwin Brothers. Their past films including October Baby … Continue reading Woodlawn Inspires

War Room – An Important Movie

The new movie War Room isn’t a summer blockbuster. It isn’t even a Labor Day blockbuster. There were no car chases, no explosions, no big name stars, no c.g.i. effects, and it’s production budget was very conservative by today’s standards. None of that matters because, in my opinion, War Room is probably the most important movie of the year. It delivers a message that is, quite frankly, the key to fixing all of our problems. And, what makes War Room doubly wonderful is that it delivers it’s message in such an engaging way. The story of a marriage relationship that … Continue reading War Room – An Important Movie

IRREPLACEABLE – Because Family Matters

Above is a preview for the one-night movie event Irreplaceable. It’s a documentary on the importance of families in our world today. My wife and I are making time in our busy schedule to go see it Tuesday night, May 6th because we feel the subject matter is that important. I encourage everyone who can, to look it up online at, find a theater near you, and go see it. The movie is produced by an organization that I whole-heartedly support, Focus On The Family. They are promoting Irreplaceable as the kick-off for a new video curriculum that will … Continue reading IRREPLACEABLE – Because Family Matters

GOD’S NOT DEAD – A Must See For Teens

I highly recommend that every parent of middle school or high school age kids watch God’s Not Dead with their kids. It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but  it’s message is important and needed for today’s youth. Besides the great message, God’s Not Dead is enjoyable for its little-guy-takes-on-the-big-establishment theme. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed God’s Not Dead and I think the majority of people who give this movie a chance will do the same. TECHNICAL ISSUES – God’s Not Dead struggles with many of the same problems that other low budget movies face. It felt more like a made-for-television … Continue reading GOD’S NOT DEAD – A Must See For Teens

Family Friendly Movies – I Recommend

Finding family friendly movies that the whole family will enjoy is getting more and more difficult, as our choices become fewer and fewer. The number of PG and G rated movies that come out every year is decreasing as Hollywood and movie audiences gravitate towards PG-13 rated movies. Some of my favorite memories with my family have been times that we’ve all enjoyed a movie together. Over the years, I’ve learned that there are only a select few movies that fit the criteria to be called a Cahan Favorite. These criteria are as follows: 1. They must be free of … Continue reading Family Friendly Movies – I Recommend

Grace Unplugged

When I saw that Grace Unplugged, starring AJ Michalka and produced by Coram Deo Studios, was voted by as the best Christian movie of 2013 it got my attention. My family and I watched it a few nights ago and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I know I did. Grace Unplugged is the story of an 18-year-old girl named Grace who has grown up singing praise music in church with her Dad, a former pop star. Grace gets restless to spread her wings and jumps at a chance to show her talent to a Hollywood music producer. In defiance … Continue reading Grace Unplugged

The Trouble with “Noah”

I came across an article today that listed more specifics about the content of the new Noah movie scheduled for release on March 28th. The article was written by Ken Ham, one of the top experts on creation science and the founder of a ministry called Answers in Genesis. Some of his staff attended one of the advanced rough-cut showings that Paramount put on, hoping to satisfy religious leaders. They apparently did not walk out satisfied, but rather they were terrified of what was being represented on the screen as the story of Noah. This is the first time I’ve … Continue reading The Trouble with “Noah”