Grace Unplugged

When I saw that Grace Unplugged, starring AJ Michalka and produced by Coram Deo Studios, was voted by as the best Christian movie of 2013 it got my attention. My family and I watched it a few nights ago and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I know I did. Grace Unplugged is the story of an 18-year-old girl named Grace who has grown up singing praise music in church with her Dad, a former pop star. Grace gets restless to spread her wings and jumps at a chance to show her talent to a Hollywood music producer. In defiance … Continue reading Grace Unplugged

Mandisa’s Grammy Wins

 for Mandisa. At the 2014 Grammy Awards she won for the Best Contemporary Christian Album and she won for the Best Contemporary Christian Song. Both the album and the song are titled “Overcomer”. Mandisa deserves these awards, not only for being extremely talented and putting out catchy songs with positive faith-filled lyrics, but also for setting a wonderful example for young women in today’s society. In my research I found out that the title “Overcomer” refers to breast cancer survivors. She has come a long way since performing in the 5th season of American Idol. For more info on this talented … Continue reading Mandisa’s Grammy Wins