Beyond The Mask

beyond-the-maskI was interested in seeing Beyond the Mask because, to my knowledge, its the first action adventure period movie produced by a Christian film company. Burns Family Studios made Beyond the Mask and released it last year. The only movie series that I can think of to compare it to is the Pirates of the Caribbean series, although Mask is not about pirates. But, it is around the same time period and involves lots of action set in historic locations between good guys and bad guys. The story is set in the 1700’s in England and in America during the time the Founding Fathers are drafting the Declaration of Independence. Our hero, William Reynolds, is trying to stop a devious British corporation from blowing up the Fathers and thereby keeping the colonies in their pockets to buy all of their goods. As dashing Mr. Reynolds survives gun fights, fist fights, sword fights and many other narrow attempts on his life, he is also on a quest to redeem himself in the eyes of God and the woman he loves.

Beyond the Mask succeeds in almost every category that makes an action adventure film worth watching. It’s exciting, romantic, humorous, and fun. An added bonus is the historic nature of the plot. It was a treat to watch William interacting with Benjamin Franklin. I was also very pleased with the way the Christian message about God’s redemption for fallen mankind was woven into the story subtly and effectively. The message never felt preachy, but fit right into the story line.

My girls (11 and 13) and I had a great time watching Beyond the Mask and we highly recommend it for families.

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