IRREPLACEABLE – Because Family Matters

Above is a preview for the one-night movie event Irreplaceable. It’s a documentary on the importance of families in our world today. My wife and I are making time in our busy schedule to go see it Tuesday night, May 6th because we feel the subject matter is that important. I encourage everyone who can, to look it up online at, find a theater near you, and go see it.

The movie is produced by an organization that I whole-heartedly support, Focus On The Family. They are promoting Irreplaceable as the kick-off for a new video curriculum that will be coming out later this year and will teach in more depth, the importance of family as defined in the Holy Bible. It promises to be modeled after The Truth Project, a Focus On The Family video series thattruth-project-logo came out around 2006. If Irreplaceable is only half as good as The Truth Project then it will be well worth the time to go through it. How do I know? I have watched The Truth Project (12 hours of material) four times now with different groups of people from my church. If I could recommend two treatments to fix what ales the United States today, the first would be for everyone to watch The Truth Project.  My second recommendation would be to watch Irreplaceable the documentary and the video curriculum that will follow. Although I have yet to see Irreplaceable, I feel comfortable recommending it based on the strong reputation of Focus on the Family and on The Truth Project.  If my opinion changes at all after I see it I promise to post my thoughts here on my blog.

AN EARLY REVIEW – For those of you who are a little unsure about Irreplaceable, here is a link to an honest review to give you more information. This reviewer watched Irreplaceable with a skeptical eye. He expected to see Christian propaganda and ended up surprised at what he got instead. Read the review here.

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