The Drop Box Movie

Below is an article about a soon to be released documentary called The Drop Box. This is an important and very hope filled story that I hope will be seen by millions of people. It’s a wonderful demonstration of how one person can make a difference. It will show for only 3 nights in select theaters. To find out if it’s coming to a theater near you, go to Taken from an article on ….. The Drop Box is a Focus on the Family documentary in association with Kindred Image. It will be in select U.S. theaters for a … Continue reading The Drop Box Movie

IRREPLACEABLE – Because Family Matters

Above is a preview for the one-night movie event Irreplaceable. It’s a documentary on the importance of families in our world today. My wife and I are making time in our busy schedule to go see it Tuesday night, May 6th because we feel the subject matter is that important. I encourage everyone who can, to look it up online at, find a theater near you, and go see it. The movie is produced by an organization that I whole-heartedly support, Focus On The Family. They are promoting Irreplaceable as the kick-off for a new video curriculum that will … Continue reading IRREPLACEABLE – Because Family Matters