Risen Review

risen-poster-bannerThe movie Risen is a well made, thought provoking movie that’s worth seeing. I liked it for two reasons. Number one; it doesn’t look or feel like a Christian movie. The acting was excellent and the setting and costumes looked authentic. Number two; it provides a fresh take on a familiar Easter story. How would a non-believer who was forced to take an in-depth look at the alleged resurrection of Jesus Christ, react? As the details of the resurrection unfold he is confronted with the unexpected conclusion that it might be true. For me, the movie became the most interesting when our hero, Clavius came face to face with Jesus Christ in the flesh.

The pacing in the first half of Risen is a little slow.  But the powerful second half more than makes up for the slow start. One doesn’t have to be a believer to enjoy Risen. The movie allows you to explore the facts through the eyes of Clavius and draw your own conclusions. However, the facts presented about the resurrection hold closely to the Biblical account. So it goes to follow that most viewers will view Risen as either truth or fiction, according to their belief in the accuracy of the scriptures. My opinion, after reading many scholarly accounts on the topic, is that the Biblical account is 100% accurate. Here are a couple of good articles on the topic.

Did the Disciples Lie About the Resurrection? – J. Warner Wallace

Evidence for the Resurrection – Josh McDowell


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