GOD’S NOT DEAD – A Must See For Teens

gods-not-dead-trailer_dvd.originalI highly recommend that every parent of middle school or high school age kids watch God’s Not Dead with their kids. It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but  it’s message is important and needed for today’s youth. Besides the great message, God’s Not Dead is enjoyable for its little-guy-takes-on-the-big-establishment theme. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed God’s Not Dead and I think the majority of people who give this movie a chance will do the same.

TECHNICAL ISSUES – God’s Not Dead struggles with many of the same problems that other low budget movies face. It felt more like a made-for-television movie than a theatrical release. And, there were a few scenes that
were exaggerated or forced, plus a few minor characters whose acting was a bit stiff. However, the main players gave solid performances especially Shane Harper as young Josh Wheaton, and Kevin Sorbo as Professor Radisson.gods-not-dead-6-665x385

GREAT STORY & MESSAGE – I was pleased to find that the story was much more complex than the student-versus-professor plot that’s highlighted in the trailers. Several smaller stories of seemingly unrelated characters are woven together heading toward a climatic scene at a concert that’s uplifting and inspiring. The real star of God’s Not Dead is none other than God himself. Through this international cast of characters and their stories we see that God is still very much alive and well, working in the lives of those who love him and even in the lives of those who don’t love him. He is still in control rather we know that or not.

IMPORTANT FOR TEENS – Again, I say that teens need to see this movie no matter what they believe. If they are followers of Jesus Christ they should watch God’s Not Dead to be encouraged to hold onto their faith, even as they are mocked and ridiculed by the ignorant masses around them. If they are non-believers they should see it simply because they need to know that God is not dead. No one else is telling them that … not their parents, not the media, and surely not college professors. And what can it hurt anyway? Even if you take religion out of it, they can learn that they have a right to stand up for who they are and what they believe, even in the face of someone much more powerful than they are like a college professor. They should see it in the name of tolerance, that 9 letter word that so many kids are being taught is an acceptable replacement for religion.

star bluIN CONCLUSION –  I want to encourage my readers to go see this movie with your kids. You’ll have a good time watching it if you give it a chance. You’ll also have to answer the question in your own heart, “where do I fall in this debate? On the side of a tolerance that is only tolerant of what’s popular and excludes anyone who disagrees, or on the side of the one true God who is still in control and opens His loving arms to anyone who chooses to follow Him.

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