Ridley Scott’s NonBiblical EXODUS

Here we go again. Another great Bible story is being translated into a big-budget Hollywood movie by a Director and a lead actor whose least concern is telling the story accurately. This time it’s the story of Moses as he leads the children of Israel out of Egypt. The Director is Ridley Scott who admits that he’s an atheist, and the star is Christian Bale whose list of starring roles is not exactly a strong resume to play one of the great men of God from the Bible. Exodus: Gods and Kings starts Friday, December 12th. For anyone not concerned about Biblical … Continue reading Ridley Scott’s NonBiblical EXODUS

NOAH – The Reviews Are In

I’ve spent the morning reading reviews of the new Noah movie. Here is a spattering of what’s being said. Jump down to the bottom for my personal comments. PLUGGEDIN.COM – “Director Darren Aronofsky offers a spectacular and often moving story, but it’s obviously not the story of Noah. There’s more Tolkien than Torah here, really, and more of Aronofsky himself than both of those. Perhaps this director made the Creator in his own image—full of mercy, magic and environmental sobriety. If you uncouple the movie from the Bible and take Noah as imaginative, fantastic fiction, it can begin to work. But hooked as it … Continue reading NOAH – The Reviews Are In

The Trouble with “Noah”

I came across an article today that listed more specifics about the content of the new Noah movie scheduled for release on March 28th. The article was written by Ken Ham, one of the top experts on creation science and the founder of a ministry called Answers in Genesis. Some of his staff attended one of the advanced rough-cut showings that Paramount put on, hoping to satisfy religious leaders. They apparently did not walk out satisfied, but rather they were terrified of what was being represented on the screen as the story of Noah. This is the first time I’ve … Continue reading The Trouble with “Noah”