ANNIE, Old vs. New

I recently saw the new Annie movie with two of my daughters. It met with positive reviews from all three of us. Our discussion after the movie focused on comparing this new modernized version with the classic Annie that came out in 1982. It just so happened that my girls and I had also watched the older version less than a week earlier at home, without any knowledge that we would be going to see the new one any time soon.  So, it made for an interesting discussion that I’ll try to highlight here. In my opinion, when a beloved classic is remade … Continue reading ANNIE, Old vs. New

Short & Sweet Reviews

Short Reviews from one Concerned Parent to Another … THE BOOK OF LIFE – PG – SPLAT for infusing a fun and colorful kids movie with pagan traditions of the afterlife, rooted in the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”… then adding just enough Christian symbolism to make it acceptable to American audiences. THE BEST OF ME – PG13 – SPLAT for a love story that teaches that pre-marital sex and adultery are ok as long as the couple really love each other and the guy the girl is married to is a real jerk. Bad Morals = Bad Movie. ALEXANDER AND THE … BAD … Continue reading Short & Sweet Reviews

Veronica, Speed, & Words

VERONICA MARS starring Kristen Bell, rated PG13. says, “… Veronica Mars is the much-hyped … follow-up to the popular TV show that ran from 2004 to 2007. Starring Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast reprising their roles as the former Neptune High characters 10 years out of high school, the movie contains pretty much the same amount of violence, drug references, and passionate kissing as the series, but there’s more strong language, sexual innuendo, and a couple of love scenes. Like the show, the movie is about standing up for the truth and those who’ve been written off as guilty.” Full article here. Veronica Mars … Continue reading Veronica, Speed, & Words

3 Days and Pompeii

3 Days to Kill – starring Kevin KostnerLA Weekly’s Amy Nicholson says, “Kill is a singular mess, at once a drama about a man confronting his pending death, a romance about reconciling with his ex, a comedy about his clueless attempts to connect with his daughter, and a sci-fi action flick…”. However, she goes on to say that Kostner did a great job with this role. Read the full review here. 3 Days To Kill got a 28% “rotten” rating at Pompeii – starring Kit Harington and Emily Browning’s, Bob Hoose says, “Gladiators! Absolute destruction! Evil Roman centurions! Warring tribesmen! … Continue reading 3 Days and Pompeii

Surprised by The Croods

My office was closed yesterday due to the heavy snowfall, so I got to stay home with my kids. After I finished shoveling out three driveways (mine and two neighbors) I had the pleasure of sitting down with my kids and picking out a movie to watch together on Netflix. We settled on The Croods, not knowing what we were in for. I knew it was made by Dreamworks so I knew it would be beautifully animated, but what about the story and content? My girls and I were all pleasantly surprised. The story was original, with equal parts laugh-out-loud … Continue reading Surprised by The Croods

The Lego Movie

The Movie Guide says, “THE LEGO MOVIE is a hilarious movie with great animation and a strong moral worldview containing a strong Christian allegory. Read their full review here. Plugged In says, “It’s a bright, silly and breakneck-paced good-guy-vs.-bad-guy tale that offers kids and kids at heart two big lessons: Believe in yourself, and let your imagination lift you up to creative rapture.” Read their review here. Entertainment Weekly says, “…it’s conceptually audacious, it’s visually astonishing, and it’s 10 times more clever and smart and funny than it needed to be. Here, at last, is an animated comedy that never … Continue reading The Lego Movie