Veronica, Speed, & Words

veronicasplat redVERONICA MARS starring Kristen Bell, rated PG13. says, “… Veronica Mars is the much-hyped … follow-up to the popular TV show that ran from 2004 to 2007. Starring Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast reprising their roles as the former Neptune High characters 10 years out of high school, the movie contains pretty much the same amount of violence, drug references, and passionate kissing as the series, but there’s more strong language, sexual innuendo, and a couple of love scenes. Like the show, the movie is about standing up for the truth and those who’ve been written off as guilty.Full article here.

Veronica Mars gets a 72% at

speedsplat redNEED FOR SPEED starring Aaron Paul, rated PG13 says, “Need for Speed is not a movie about the subtle nuances of character transformation. It’s a souped-up, turbocharged melodrama with the struggling Good Guy facing off against the nefarious ‘n’ dastardly Bad Guy, with a damsel who eventually manages to end up in distress plopped down into the passenger seat. There’s not much more than that going on here, really. And in an almost cartoonish (read: video game-ish) way, the movie asks us not to think too deeply (or at all) about Tobey’s breakneck, utterly illegal cross-country sprint to make sure Dino gets what’s coming to him.Full article here.

It gets only 22% at

splat redBAD WORDS starring Jason Bateman, rated Rbateman says, “It’s tough to summon sufficiently negative language to describe the unfunny, desperate mess that is Bad Words . Though aiming for dark comedy, the film lands in a listless, laugh-free zone. Rather than the cynically clever tone it aspires to, a tediously somber, bitter atmosphere infuses this tale of a 40-year-old guy who insists on competing in a spelling bee for eighth-graders.Full article here.

Bad Words got a 73% at

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