3 Days and Pompeii

3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner

3 Days to Kill – starring Kevin Kostnersplat redLA Weekly’s Amy Nicholson says, “Kill is a singular mess, at once a drama about a man confronting his pending death, a romance about reconciling with his ex, a comedy about his clueless attempts to connect with his daughter, and a sci-fi action flick…”. However, she goes on to say that Kostner did a great job with this role. Read the full review here.

3 Days To Kill got a 28% “rotten” rating at Rottentomatoes.com

splat redPompeii – starring Kit Harington and Emily Browningpompeii

Pluggedin.com’s, Bob Hoose says, “Gladiators! Absolute destruction! Evil Roman centurions! Warring tribesmen! Machiavellian politicians! Merciless whippings! A Titanic-tinged love story! And, yes, that vile and vicious volcano! No awe. No mystery. No intelligence. Just a big overwrought mess.” Read the full review here.

Pompeii got an 31% “rotten” score on Rottentomatoes.com

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