Thoughts on Dr Strange Movie

After seeing the new movie, Dr. Strange a few nights ago, I’m giving it the following two ratings:  for Entertainment Value  for Content Concerns The 2 symbols I’ve used above are called SPLARS, a hybrid of a STAR and a SPLAT. A SPLAR means the movie falls somewhere between good and bad. Entertainment Value In many ways, Dr. Strange was a very entertaining movie. Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for the role. Not only was his acting right on, but he fit the part physically as well. The character arc for Dr. Strange as a character was very effective. He was somewhat unlikable … Continue reading Thoughts on Dr Strange Movie

Short & Sweet Reviews

Short Reviews from one Concerned Parent to Another … THE BOOK OF LIFE – PG – SPLAT for infusing a fun and colorful kids movie with pagan traditions of the afterlife, rooted in the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”… then adding just enough Christian symbolism to make it acceptable to American audiences. THE BEST OF ME – PG13 – SPLAT for a love story that teaches that pre-marital sex and adultery are ok as long as the couple really love each other and the guy the girl is married to is a real jerk. Bad Morals = Bad Movie. ALEXANDER AND THE … BAD … Continue reading Short & Sweet Reviews