Short & Sweet Reviews

Short Reviews from one Concerned Parent to Another …

splat red THE BOOK OF LIFE – PG – SPLAT for infusing a fun and colorful kids The Book of Lifemovie with pagan traditions of the afterlife, rooted in the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”… then adding just enough Christian symbolism to make it acceptable to American audiences.

splat redTHE BEST OF ME – PG13 – SPLAT for a love story that teaches that pre-marital sex and the-best-of-meadultery are ok as long as the couple really love each other and the guy the girl is married to is a real jerk. Bad Morals = Bad Movie.

blue starALEXANDER AND THE … BAD DAY – PG – STAR for being a fun, funny, sweet, well-watch-alexanderwritten and well-acted family movie that harkens back to the days of classic Disney comedies.

splat redFURY – R – SPLAT for non-stop bloody violence and the dark side of humanity on both sides of the war. Any good lessons about thefury-movie true heroes that fought for our freedom are buried beneath the blood and guts.

These reviews are based on’s far superior movie reviews that give the complete picture on each new movie, both the good and the bad. Check them out here.


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