My TOP 10 Funniest Supporting Characters in CG Animated Movies

INTRODUCTION – Long before computer animation came along, it was a given that every G-rated animated movie would have at least one goofy sidekick character injected into the script to keep the audience laughing. That’s because dangerous situations and evil villains are as necessary in kids’ movies as they are in movies for adults. Therefore, there had to be some way to keep movies from getting too dark or sad. The solution? Humorous supporting characters. These characters are never the star of the film, but they’re always somewhere close to the stars. They provide the balance that keeps us moviegoers … Continue reading My TOP 10 Funniest Supporting Characters in CG Animated Movies

Star Wars VII News

What’s going on with the new Star Wars trilogy? I did some checking around the web to see if anything definite is known so far. It’s important to keep up with this topic because, after all, when Star Wars: Episode VII hits the theaters in December of 2015, directed by none other than J.J. Abrams, it will potentially begin a new movie franchise that will give the Avengers movies a run for their money. It’s worth noting that Disney owns The Avengers movies and the Star Wars movies. They must be singing the blues over there at Disney … NOT) Not much … Continue reading Star Wars VII News

No Pixar Movie Until 2015?

Are they kidding? Watching the newest Pixar movie has been a highlight of every year for me since the original Toy Story came out in 1995. And now they’ve announced that the next movie won’t come out until the summer of 2015? How can Pixar do this to us? Originally they were scheduled to release a new title this summer (2014) called The Good Dinosaur. The early marketing material looks great for this, their first original storyline release since Brave in 2012. However, Pixar recently announced that Dinosaur was being pushed back due to “creative delays”. It is now scheduled to … Continue reading No Pixar Movie Until 2015?