I’m Launching a Web Comic

A New Adventure I’ve decided to take a break from writing fiction and shift my creativity toward something I’ve wanted to try for a long long time. I’ll be launching a web comic on November 1st of this year. In my younger days I would have said my dream was to produce a comic strip that would appear in newspapers. Something like one of my favorites, Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, and Far Side. Well, comic strips in that form don’t really exist anymore, at least not in newspapers. I started an Instagram account for my writing projects earlier this … Continue reading I’m Launching a Web Comic

The Argyle Sweater – Very Funny

The Argyle Sweater, by Scott Hilburn, is comic discovery #2 in my search for great comic strips of today. The Far Side by Gary Larson, published from 1980 to 1995, set the standard for great single-panel comics. I don’t think The Argyle Sweater is quite as brilliant as Far Side, but it’s definitely in the ball park. Of all the single-panel comics I found on gocomics.com, Argyle Sweater was my personal favorite. Enjoy, and see more at gocomics.com. Continue reading The Argyle Sweater – Very Funny

Monty – My Comic Discovery

I grew up on comic strips. That was back when everyone got their newspapers delivered to their doorstep every single day. My dad would always take the front page, my brother always grabbed the sports page, and I always went straight to the comics page. I guess that just goes to show how non-intellectual I am. These days, newspapers and comic strips, like everything else, have moved to the internet. In this new digital world, its sad to say that the popularity of traditional comic strips is at an all time low. I always had my favorites; Peanuts, Hagar the … Continue reading Monty – My Comic Discovery