Monty – My Comic Discovery

I grew up on comic strips. That was back when everyone got their newspapers delivered to their doorstep every single day. My dad would always take the front page, my brother always grabbed the sports page, and I always went straight to the comics page. I guess that just goes to show how non-intellectual I am. These days, newspapers and comic strips, like everything else, have moved to the internet. In this new digital world, its sad to say that the popularity of traditional comic strips is at an all time low.

I always had my favorites; Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, and then as I got older I became an avid fan of such strips as Bloom County, The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and Dilbert. I’ve been thinking lately that it’s been a while since I’ve heard of any new comic strips that had the cutting edge kind of humor that I tend to gravitate towards. I figured there had to be talented new artists out there putting out some good stuff, but I just wasn’t searching it out anymore. Therefore, I decided to look and see if I could find some new favorites. I went to and did a quick search through all their titles. It didn’t take long before I landed on a strip that had me laughing and clicking to see what happens next. So, here is my NEW COMIC DISCOVERY#1 . . . Monty, by Jim Meddick.


I’m still getting the gist of the premise but it seems to be about the life of an awkward, geeky inventor named Monty. Some of the characters in Monty’s world are Doc, a time traveler from the future who is stuck in Monty’s time, EB3, a small robot prone to worrying and misunderstandings, his cat Fleshy, and Moondog, his beer drinking neighbor.

As I researched Monty on Wikepedia I was pleased to find this quote from writer/illustrator Jim Meddick, “I’ve tried to create the comic strip equivalent of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The name ‘Monty’ is a nod to the influence that show had on my humor. In my cartoon just about anything can happen — this way, the ideas and characters always stay fresh.” It just so happens that I am a huge Monty Python fan. They are, in fact, one of the biggest influences on my own writing, especially in my Monty140215book Glazed Man & Rat Girl. It looks like I have no other choice but to continue following Monty. I’ll also continue scouting for other new funny comic strips and share them here with my readers. To read more Monty, go here.

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