Premiere Episode of Glazed Man & Rat Girl Webcomic

My new webcomic, Glazed Man & Rat Girl has officially launched. The two lovable star characters have begun the process of taking over the world, one silly comic panel at a time. To follow their adventures, look for them on Instagram under #glazedmanandratgirl.

I know some of you, maybe just a few, might be asking “who the heck are Glazed Man & Rat Girl?” Because I know many of my readers are lazy and they won’t search out the new webcomic for themselves, I’ve decided to give you all a sneak peak. Below is the first episode of Glazed Man & Rat Girl. You can read it here and decide for yourself if it’s worth seeking out to follow for more humorous crime fighting antics.

See what happens next! Head on over to Instagram now and follow #glazedmanandratgirl.

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