Falcon and Winter Soldier

This series on Disney Plus is part of the new story phase that Marvel Studios is building from ground up now that their highly successful Avengers story arc came to an end a few years ago with End Game. I watched The Falcon and Winter Soldier series in its entirety and for the most part I enjoyed it. As long as I remember its only a television series I can confidently say it’s a decent show. But, when I find myself comparing it to the Avengers movies of the past 10 years, that’s when I feel like it doesn’t measure up.


As the story begins, the Avengers as a group of heroes is over, or maybe they’re just taking a break. It wasn’t made clear in the show where the Avengers stand. Or, maybe I missed that point in the plot. One thing that is certain is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are on their own. A threat arises and they rush out to deal with it. They’re doing fine until the US government decides to choose a war hero named John Walker to be the new Captain America. Mr. Walker is not up to the task as we all knew would be the case. When the Falcon and the Winter Soldier have to face off against a group of super soldiers who are fighting a political cause in Europe, the new Captain America makes everything more difficult. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had enough problems of their own without him around. After the new Cap shows up, everything gets worse.


The two title heroes are likable but neither has the charisma of Iron Man, Thor, or the former Captain America. To be honest, I almost decided not to continue watching after the first 2 episodes. Then, they introduced the new Captain America. Even though he turns out to be a major dud in the hero department, his character adds a lot to the story. I won’t get into specifics but without him and the mistakes that he makes, and the decisions he forces the two main characters to make, the series would last appropriately only 3 or 4 episodes instead of 8.


Don’t get me wrong. The Falcon has some really cool fight scenes and The Winter Soldier has his fair share of cool scenes as well. Their personal lives are interesting but not thrilling. They both needed a bit of conflict to bring them to their full potential. The series ends with the main villain taken care of but it leaves lots of other plot points unresolved. I’m looking forward to see what happens next for all three heroes involved; The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and John Walker (spoiler alert) who is no longer Captain America when the series ends.

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