Deficiency – Book Review

I just finished reading and reviewing this book a few days ago. Here is my review.

Deficiency by S.C. Eston is a fully developed vision into the future of mankind that is both thrilling and terrifying in its impact. The story takes place on another planet but has clear ties to Earth in more ways than one. The main characters, Artenz and Keidi are an average young couple who exist in a mostly artificial world created by a network of corporations. Artenz sister, Detel is a scientist who has been doing forbidden research. When Detel goes missing, Artenz and Keidi find themselves being chased by the authorities including a cyborg named Okran, an unstoppable killing machine. When Artenz and Keidi get separated, they find help from a covert group of rebels dedicated to unmasking the lies of the corporations and promoting truth. The story that follows is a high-powered game of cat and mouse into the underbelly of their seemingly perfect world. At first, Artenz and Keidi are unsure of why they are being hunted so fiercely, but the more they see behind the curtain the more they know they have to keep running so they can bring the truth to the light.

I thoroughly enjoyed Deficiency by S.C. Eston. It has an exceptional cast of characters, all fully fleshed out with interesting personalities and motivations. The science behind the story also feels authentic. Computers control everything in Deficiency and the author does a top-notch job of speaking the language of computers. His technical explanation for everything from Artenz virtual living space to the corporate spying methods was not only authentic but understandable. The plot is also exceptional in its creativity and fast pace, filled with delightful twists and turns. I highly recommend Deficiency. It is intelligent science fiction that manages to be thrilling and fun at the same time.

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