My Dark Path – Great Podcast

When I come across an exceptional podcast that I’m genuinely enjoying, I like to help spread the word about it. My Dark Path is the name of the podcast. It is produced by science fiction author, M.F. Thomas and according to the subtitle on his website the podcast “explores the fringes of history, science, and the paranormal.” Each episode focuses on one portion of history that is little known, bizarre, and stems from some darkness within human beings. The show’s choice of topics are all things that I find extremely interesting. Topics such as airships, UFO sightings, a haunted hotel, and others topics that are difficult to categorize.

I realize there are many podcasts out there about the strange side of history. But, MF Thomas rises above the clutter for a couple of reasons. First, his shows are very well written, presenting the facts clearly with just enough drama to keep listeners hanging on to hear the whole story. I also like Mr. Thomas voice as he narrates each show. He has a pleasant voice that lends itself well to the bizarre topics of the show. The third reason is that My Dark Path never allows itself to get too dark. Although it delves into the dark nature of mankind, it never strays into content that is any worse than a PG movie. The show is more interested in presenting fascinating content to enlighten it’s listeners rather than trying shock it’s viewers and appeal to their baser instincts.

As of this writing there are six episodes available and I have not missed a single one. I can’t say that about very many podcasts. At least 90% of the podcasts that I try out lose my interest after one or two shows. My Dark Path is a happy exception for me. I can always depend on it to educate me and entertain me for 45 wonderful minutes.

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