I just finished watching the final show of WandaVision. This is the series that is supposed to officially kick off the new phase of entertainment for Marvel Studios. Being the big fan of Marvel comics/TV/movies that I am, I was really looking forward to this show. Now that I’ve seen it I have to say my reactions are mixed.

On the positive side, I enjoyed the sheer creativity of the series. There wasn’t a single story element of the show that was predictable. It starts out like an episode of I Love Lucy complete with black and white film, 50’s outfits, and what sounded like a live studio audience. Things got progressively weirder as the show went on and by the last episode we had finally arrived in superhero land with good heroes battling the bad ones.

That being said, I didn’t love the show, although I did like it. But, my problem with it was there wasn’t enough superhero stuff in the series. That sounds very shallow of me, I know, but what I really mean is most of it looked and felt like a situation comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up watching sitcoms and I’m a big fan of that type of television. But, WandaVision took on the role so completely that it had trouble shedding the comedic tone when the series moved into more dramatic matters that needed to be treated more seriously. I’ve always liked the humor thrown into all of the Marvel movies. It always seemed like just the right amount of levity was inserted into every scene to keep the superheroics grounded. But, in my opinion, the comedy was carried a little too far in WandaVision. To me, it made some of the more dramatic scenes seem less important, almost silly.

However, I am glad I saw the series. And, it succeeded in doing what the producers intended it to do. It made me anxious to see what happens next. I also feel much more emotionally connected to Wanda and Vision now that I’ve seen a series that focuses solely on them. Back in the days of the Avengers movies, I thought of them as two likeable characters, but we knew almost nothing about either of them making them feel one-dimensional. Now, after watching WandaVision I see them as old friends and I can’t wait to see what happens to them both now that their television extravaganza is over.

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