Cover Reveal – Glazed Man 2


At long last, I’m revealing the cover of my new book, Glazed Man and Rat Girl 2. See it here, below. This book is the second in the series and it will provide answers to the cliffhangers that I left my readers with at the end of GMRG#1. What happened to Martha (Rat Girl) and the rats after they blasted off from earth in their tiny rocket? Did they ever make it to Mars? And what about our other hero, Glazed Man? Last we saw him, he had been kidnapped by some mysterious person whose face was familiar to Glazed Man. Who is his kidnapper? These questions and many more will be answered in the new book. There’s a new villain, more crazy adventures involving the rats, and more ridiculous plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.

cover test 1

Unlike most authors of books that include illustrations, I do all of the artwork myself.cover 3 Steps I thought I’d take advantage of that fact and show my progression from drawing pad to the final product. All of my illustrations come to life in my drawing pad. I start with pencil and eraser, then add ink to my drawings. From there, I scan them into my computer to “process” them in an image editing program. I use the word “process” because it sounds a lot better than “fixing all of my mistakes”. Anyway, for my first book, I did all my processing in Adobe Photoshop. For my second book, I decided to try a fee program called GIMP in an effort to save money. It was a difficult transition at first, adjusting to some of the differences between the programs, but I persisted and learned over time to make GIMP do everything that Photoshop does. After using GIMP for the past year and a half, I can now say that I’ll be staying with GIMP for future projects. I am 99.9% ready to release the book. I’m in the final stages of proofreading and plan to have the new book out for purchase before the end of June. Keep an eye out here for an announcement.





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