Readers Love Glazed Man

The positive reviews for Glazed Man & Rat Girl continue to roll in. Here is another one that was recently added to by another happy customer.

Glazed Man gets his superhero powers from…Glazed donuts, he is capable of shooting
glaze from the palms of his hands.. Rat Girl is Martha; after being kidnapped and left in dungeon with a bunch of rats and she drinks icky green stuff she becomes a large rat.
This is a good vs. evil tale with two of the most lovable superheroes you will ever meet. Scott Cahan is a very talented writer. In this soon to be series he introduces readers to the most entertaining dynamic duo every created. This book has over 200 pages, is easy
to read with high interest.  The
target audience is around 8 or 9 years of age but can be a bit younger or a bit older.
” Reviewed by Annie.

Read the whole review, plus other reviews  HERE.Hold On Mom

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