Watch Glazed Man Come to Life

Glazed Man & Rat Girl, THE BOOK TRAILER

For the last few months of my life, every precious extra moment I’ve had has been devoted to putting together the video above. It’s the official book trailer for Glazed Man & Rat Girl. Please readers, watch it and give me your feedback. I think you’ll find that it’s unlike any other book trailer you’ve seen. Many of you may not know that my day job is as a video producer. When I decided to make a book trailer, I knew I had to do it right or not at all. I’ve seen far too many book trailers that should never have been made. Many of them actually downgrade the book they are promoting because of poor video production quality. I approached my own book trailer with the idea of making it a true representation of my book. Glazed Man and Rat Girl the book is full of humor, loveable characters, over-the-top action and it’s definitely not boring. My goal was to carry over all of those qualities into my book trailer. Watch it and by all means tell your friends about it, share it on Facebook, forward it, post it, or whatever. Thanks and enjoy.

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