Christmas Movies, Good & Bad

Here is my take on the Christmas movies I’ve seen. As usual, I’m coming from the point of view of a  Conservative Christian father of 4 kids. The ultimate goal for me is to find movies that I can watchwith my wife and kids and we all enjoy.

blue starThe Muppet Christmas Carol – This is my all-time favorite Christmas movie. Themuppets christmas muppets in their most heart warming, yet still very funny, movie. Great family entertainment with great lessons that come from the always great Christmas Carol story.

splattarThe Polar express – Incredible special effects and one of the most magical and imaginative stories. However, it borders on replacing God with Santa, an idea that’s always a little uncomfortable for me.

the grinch

splat redThe Grinch (The one with Jim Carrey) – It comes off a little too dark in this live action version of the classic animated version of Dr. Seuss’s beloved story. Stick with the original version.

blue starA Christmas Carol (The one with Jim Carrey) – I enjoyed this newest take on the classicstory. Well worth a watch with the kids.

blue starA Christmas Story – One of the funniest, and great for families. Kids can get an idea of what life was like when we adults were young.

splat redNatonal Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – One of the funniest movies of all time for adults, but it’s hardly family fare. I would never sit down with my younger kids and watch this one.

homealone 2

blue starHome Alone 2 – One of my favorites. Great story that we’re all familiar with by now. It just so happens that this sequel to the first Home Alone takes place during Christmas. There are lots of great music and lessons about what’s important at Christmas time.

blue starElf – We love this movie. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Great for the whole family.

blue starChristmas With The Kranks – Very funny, under-rated movie. My in-laws break this one

out every year and watch it with all the grand kids. It’s a family tradition for us.

the nativity story

blue star

The Nativity Story – The best movie I’ve seen to bring home the true meaning of Christmas. Well made and well worth a watch with the kids.


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