Marvel vs DC Epic

This is only a fantasy movie, but it’s a really fun fantasy, so why not indulge a little. What if there were a movie that pitted Marvel superheroes against DC superheroes? I don’t think it will every happen, but the trailer below allows us to dream a little. It’s created by fan, Alex Luthor. It’s very well made with sharp editing, great music, and clips of probably every superhero that’s hit the big screen in the last 10 years. There are even a few who, I’m pretty sure, have only appeared in trailers, no actual movies yet. There’s even one (Flash) who is actually only a TV show. It’s worth watching just to see the long list of super characters paired against each other, to make what looks like the most exciting movie ever. Enjoy.

One thought on “Marvel vs DC Epic

  1. That was pretty cool, all right! I know the crossovers have been done in print at times. Spider-man/Batman comes to mind. What I’d love is to get away from the whole “who would win, Wonder Woman or Thor?” and into more substantive plotting.

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