6 Movie Characters Who Are Great Role Models

The kids of today are more influenced by fictional characters than in any time in history. That’s because our society has somehow come to the conclusion that in order for our children to grow up properly we must give them their own personal viewing device (cell phone), at the earliest sign of puberty, so that they never have to be separated from instant entertainment.  So, for that reason, and because I just like thinking about these kinds of things, I’ve decided to create a list of some of the best fictional role models for kids in today’s entertainment. For my list, … Continue reading 6 Movie Characters Who Are Great Role Models

Marvel vs DC Epic

This is only a fantasy movie, but it’s a really fun fantasy, so why not indulge a little. What if there were a movie that pitted Marvel superheroes against DC superheroes? I don’t think it will every happen, but the trailer below allows us to dream a little. It’s created by fan, Alex Luthor. It’s very well made with sharp editing, great music, and clips of probably every superhero that’s hit the big screen in the last 10 years. There are even a few who, I’m pretty sure, have only appeared in trailers, no actual movies yet. There’s even one … Continue reading Marvel vs DC Epic

Movie Lineup for DC Comics

Warner Brothers has just unveiled its release schedule for movies based on the DC Comics universe.  For someone like me who enjoys superhero movies, this is exciting news. On the other hand, I predict that at some point between 2016 and 2020 the movie-going public as a whole will become overwhelmed with superhero movies and even become so sick of them that there will be a backlash against them. How can that be, you ask? First of all, Marvel Comics and Disney have also released their schedule of upcoming movies and it’s even more ambitious than the one below including upcoming Avengers movies and solo films … Continue reading Movie Lineup for DC Comics