Guardians, Not The Same As Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy
The Guardians of the Galaxy

The new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy is about a group of heroes, adapted from a Marvel comic book series, much like another group of heroes from Marvel Comics, The Avengers. I have yet to see Guardians, but it’s receiving high praise from critics with a 91% at For the sake of comparison, The Avengers received a 92%. Guardians of the Galaxy has the polished look, plenty of hype, and strong reviews, setting it up to be another big superhero movie for Marvel, much like The Avengers back in 2012. The similarity between the two teams of heroes stops there.

The point of this article is not to bash the Guardians movie or attack it in any way. My only concern is that parents will assume it’s along the same lines as Avengers and take their young kids to see it. The moral character of the heroes is the issue that parents should consider. Whereas The Avengers is about a group of flawed heroes who are at heart good men and women who will do anything to preserve good and stop evil, the Guardians are flawed heroes who are at heart bad men and women (and proud of it) who will do anything to get rich, but end up stopping evil and doing lots of heroic stuff in the process. Below is part of‘s review to explain it better …

…. In Guardians of the Galaxy, though, we don’t have an incorruptible Captain America to ground the story in old-fashioned goodness, or a Thor to chastely woo Jane Foster. Even Tony Stark—arguably the most flawed of the Avengers—at least acknowledges that he has flaws. His drinking is clearly shown to get in the way of his superheroing; his arrogance sometimes leads to his near-undoing.

The Guardians, in contrast, are fairly unrepentant. They exude the sort of swagger you’d see from jokesters sent to the high school principal’s office: As much as the principal might secretly like the young rascals, he’s increasingly exasperated with them putting whoopee cushions on Mrs. Siwiliger’s chair. You get the sense here that Peter will forever try to seduce galactic females, that Rocket will forever grumble at his comrades and look to his own selfish needs first, that Drax will never rest until he avenges his family through the shedding of blood.

As such, Guardians feels a little messier than the typical Marvel movie. And because it’s the Guardians’ personality quirks that make them who they are, there’s little chance their comic book caregivers will ever let them get much better. They may be redeemed, but they’re hardly reformed…. read the full review here.

The Avengers Movie
The Avengers

MY CONCLUSION – Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks and sounds like a fun, well made movie. Judging by the reviews, I will award this movie a STAR for sheer entertainment value. But, when it comes to moral value I will give it a SPLAT for giving us bad heroes who are terrible role models for the younger crowd that will surely be drawn to a movie like this.

One thought on “Guardians, Not The Same As Avengers

  1. I saw it last night. Certainly the characters are scoundrels, but they are also more or less lost souls and (as one reviewer said) the last or only one of their kind. How much honor and pure motive can you expect from characters who have lost everything? These are people who want to do better, but find it so much easier to work on the wrong side of the law. So if you need a moral or lesson, this movie is about finding friendship in strange places and rising above the darkness.

    I believe there also was a decision to balance the Avengers, who are serious but sometimes maybe just a little too dramatic, with a team that is lighter and funnier. The chemistry works between the actors. And I’m pleased to say the humor is based upon wit rather than bodily fluids or sheer stupidity.

    Parents can feel comfortable bringing kids to this movie. There are surprisingly few acts of grisly violence for a movie like this.

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