Captain America 2 – New Trailer

star bluI’m a huge superhero fan as is probably obvious from the subject matter of my book. I grew up on Marvel comics and I was extremely pleased with the Avengers movie that came out a few years ago. Captain America was not one of my favorites in my younger days, but after seeing C.A.#1 and then the Avengers, he quickly became my new favorite. He actually stands for old fashioned, Christian American values. Not only that, he’s incredibly confident and cool. Captain America, as portrayed in those two movies, is exactly the kind of hero our country needs right now. I don’t know any more about this new C.A. movie, other than what’s in this trailer, but I’m hoping it carries on the image Marvel has already established for this hero. The movie definitely looks awesome and so does Captain America himself. My guess is that Marvel and Director Joss Whedon will continue their winning formula and give us a new C.A. movie about a super cool hero who is super good.  I wish we had more superhero movies about heroes who are actually good. The trend that started many years ago in comic books, and is now amped up in movie theatres, is of superheroes who do all the right things on the outside, but on the inside, they’re very dark and tragic. So, welcome back Captain America. And by the way Marvel, could you hurry up with Avengers 2?

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