My Mission

Welcome to Stars & Splats. In short, my mission is to shine a light on good entertainment, and leave the bad in the dark. I approach this task as a lover of well-crafted and highly creative entertainment. My idea of a perfect evening is relaxing on the couch in my den in front of our TV, surrounded by my wife and kids, eating popcorn, enjoying a good movie together. When I look at today’s movies, television, popular music, and books I see that production values are going up  while moral values are way down, lower than ever before with no bottom in site. It’s become culturally acceptible and even “normal” for our entertainment to pander to the lowest forms of human fulfillment with rampant sex, violence, negativity, and humanistic thought. This is the splat. splat red This is what breaks my heart. Finding a new movie that is appropriate for the above mentioned movie night is next to impossible now. However, I know there are still good movies, shows, songs, and books that are being released. And there are still directors, authors, and artists who have the courage and conviction to produce creative works that embrace traditional Christian values and they are striving to influence his or her audience to be better people. It’s these artists and their creative efforts that I wish to spotlight by awarding them stars. I know there are many others out there whose enjoyment of entertainment is not dependent on being constantly shocked by sexual and violent scenes. Let’s help each other. I’ll do my best to point out the stars and the splats in today’s entertainment. And, I would love to get comments with suggestions from my readers for more entertainment that deserves to be spotlighted with a blu

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