Cinderella is Enchanting

I took my two girls to see Disney’s new Cinderella movie this past weekend, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I loved the movie just as much, if not more, than they did. This is what I liked about it, in order of importance: 1. The character of Cinderella was portrayed with perfection. The acting by Lily James was spot on. She was the perfect blend of kindness, joyfulness, intelligence, and courage, just as Cinderella should be. Credit also goes to screenwriter, Chris Weitz and director, Kenneth Branagh for giving us a Cinderella that is true to the character from … Continue reading Cinderella is Enchanting

Cinderella 2015, Disney’s Next Hit

The classic story of Cinderella gets the real life motion picture treatment from Walt Disney, opening March 26th. As you’ll see from this trailer, it looks stunning and magical. I think Disney will have another hit on their hands with this one. Not surprising. They seem to be making all the right moves these days. Keep it up, I say. As long as they keep putting out quality, wholesome entertainment that kids and their parents can enjoy, they can keep them coming. Check out the trailer. Continue reading Cinderella 2015, Disney’s Next Hit