This Book is a SMASH!

PLOT SUMMARY … Andrew Ryan is a typical kid who deals with school bullies, missed assignments, a jerk of an older brother, and divorced parents. He dreams of some day rising above it all and fighting alongside his superhero idol, Defender. When Defender is captured and killed by his nemesis, Mangus, his powers are transferred to Andrew. This sets up the ultimate kid-becomes-a real-live-superhero story. There is plenty of jaw smashing action to be had as the kid, Smash, takes on Mangus and other foes. Along the way, our hero struggles to find the right balance between his life as awkward … Continue reading This Book is a SMASH!

Glazed Man#2 Update

The new Glazed Man and Rat Girl book is well underway. I’m still in the writing phase and expect to be writing for several more months. I typically write first, then illustrate, then re-write, then re-illustrate. So, I’ve still got a long way to go on this new one, but after a few months off for the holidays and book marketing stuff, it feels good to  get back to writing. I’m very excited about the new story. I’ve had lots of requests and demands for a hint of what the next story line will be, so in order to keep … Continue reading Glazed Man#2 Update