My Favorite Middle-Grade Fiction Books of 2019

Because I am the author of two middle-grade fiction books, I have a special interest in seeing quality books from that genre get the attention they deserve.  As a book reviewer, I try to spread my book reading time out between my three favorite genres; science fiction, fantasy, and middle-grade fiction. In the past, I tried to choose my favorites from all 3 genres and squeeze them into one all-inclusive top ten list.  I found that my favorite middle-grade books had a tough time competing with my favorites from the other two genres. Not because they are lesser in quality, … Continue reading My Favorite Middle-Grade Fiction Books of 2019

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I read The Mysterious Benedict Society with one of my daughters not long ago. We were looking for a book we could read together and chose this one because it’s story appealed to both of us despite our age difference. Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society did not disappoint. In short, it’s the story of a hand-picked group of school kids assembled by an eccentric genius named Nicholas Benedict, to go on a secret mission to save the world. A second eccentric genius, who is mysteriously linked to Mr. Benedict, is brain washing kids and using them to accomplish his evil schemes. … Continue reading The Mysterious Benedict Society