A Great Gift For Young Readers

Consider giving the young reader in your family a book he or she will absolutely love. My book,

Glazed Man ChargingGlazed Man & Rat Girl is a chapter book with 100 illustrations. It’s full of humor and non-stop action. The response I’ve gotten over and over from parents is that their child enjoyed Glazed Man & Rat Girl thoroughly, reading it from cover to cover faster than they would normally read a book.

Glazed Man & Rat Girl

Glazed Man & Rat Girl is not only for kids. Adults who like a good satire will also enjoy my book. It is essentially a spoof on all things “superhero”. I had a good time writing it, laughing at many scenes as they unfolded in text and illustrations.

You can read one of my favorite scenes from the book here.

Rat Girl swingingYou can also read the opening of the book and of course purchase a copy here at Amazon.com.




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