Earth To Echo & Maze Runner

Two New Movies for Young Sci-Fi Fans, Coming Soon!


Coming out July 2nd. This one is exciting to me because it’s a rare science fiction movie that’s actually rated PG. It looks like the kind of movie adults can watch with their kids and they can actually all enjoy the same movie together. Not only that, the trailer looks awesome. It reminds me of some of my favorite movies like ET, Super 8, and Goonies. Here is the newest trailer.


The movie adaptation of The Maze Runner, by James Daschner, is scheduled to be released September 19th of this year. I have not read the book, but plan to, especially after seeing this trailer. Check it out.

Some of the message boards have referred to The Maze Runner as a copycat of The Hunger Games, but I definitely don’t see that. Other than the idea of teens being forced to participate in a deadly game, this story looks completely wild and unpredictable, at least for those of us who have not read the book. There isn’t a Rating listed yet for this movie, so I can’t comment on the appropriateness for kids. I expect it will follow the young adult dystopian trend and be rated PG-13, but I’m hoping it will be one of the more mild PG-13 movies.

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