A Scene from Glazed Man & Rat Girl

Below are a few pages from my book Glazed Man & Rat Girl: The Origins. This scene is plucked right from the middle of the book, so here are a few details to bring you up to speed. 1. The villain, RoboCreep, is trying to make a getaway by flying upward into the sky. Our heroes are trying to stop him. Neither of them can fly, so they are hanging onto RoboCreep, who is actually a scientist named Caswell Creep wearing a robot suit. 2. Glazed Man and Rat Girl just met for the first time, a few pages earlier.
red bolt 1

Rat Girl wrapped her furry hand around some red and white wires and yanked hard, ripping them loose from the robot suit. RoboCreep jerked suddenly in the air and hovered shakily for a few seconds. His boot thrusters sputtered and hissed.

“Now look what you’ve done.” RoboCreep complained as he frantically pushed buttons beneath a panel in his chest. The thrusters powered on again with half the power. They continued moving upward at a much slower speed.

Without hesitation, Rat Girl reached in and pulled out a second clump of wires from RoboCreep’s back. pic 8-11 small

The robot suit lost all power and their upward movement slowed dramatically until they came to a stop.

“Now you’ve done it.” RoboCreep said,

“We’re having fun now. Squeak Squeak!” Rat Girl said, grinning from ear to ear.

Gravity took over and they began to fall from a couple of thousand feet in the air, moving downward fast toward the earth below.

“Uh oh.” Glazed Man said.

RoboCreep said, “Good job Rat Girl. Now we can all plunge to our deaths together, on the streets of Megalopolis.”

Rat Girl pulled herself up so her face was right next to Caswell Creep’s head that was sticking out of his robot suit. She said, “I’m not worried. You see that guy down there?” She pointed at Glazed Man. “He’s a superhero. He’ll save us.”

RoboCreep looked at the chubby hero holding on for dear life. He said, “I hope she’s right Glazed Man. Can you get us out of this alive?”

Glazed Man’s heart pounded, “Me? I … I don’t know? I can’t even fly.”

Still falling at an incredible speed, RoboCreep started to panic, “Then do something else! You must have some super power that can help us!”

Glazed Man thought for a few seconds then said. “You got any donuts on you?”

RoboCreep growled, “This is no time to think about your stomach! Save us you twit!”

“OK.” Glazed Man tried to think of a great plan but the only plan that came to his mind was definitely not great. It involved his glaze shooting power. He felt very uneasy about using his glaze in their current situation but he had no other choice.

Glazed Man stuck out one arm, pointed it downward and allowed his glaze to flow. The white stuff shot out and fell downward into the darkness.

RoboCreep said, “That’s it? That’s your super solution?”

Rat Girl spoke into RoboCreep’s ear, “You’re just jealous because I beat you. When we get back to the ground you’re going to jail and I win. Squeak!”

RoboCreep said, “Don’t you get it, you crazy woman, or animal, whatever you are? We’re all going to die.”

Rat Girl replied, “No we’re not. Glazed Man will save us.”

RoboCreep said, “I would laugh, but this situation we’re in is anything but funny.”

She looked down at Glazed Man who had an uncertain look on his face. Glaze was still streaming out of his hand toward the ground far below.

Rat Girl shifted her weight on RoboCreep’s back until she was close enough to speak to Glazed Man.GM falling

Rat Girl was silent as she looked down and surveyed their grave situation. The earth below was getting closer and closer. She could see now that they were heading into a clump of trees in the middle of Megalopolis Park. The tops of the trees, glowing white from the glaze, came rushing toward them. Extreme emotions came over the free falling threesome all at once; RoboCreep cried like a baby, Glazed Man screamed at the top of his lungs, and Rat Girl laughed hysterically.red bolt 2

Glazed Man & Rat Girl is available on Amazon.com, in paperback or as a Kindle e-book. To purchase your copy or to read reviews and look inside, click here or on the book cover to the right.

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