My Favorite Jane Austen Movies

It’s Valentines Day, so I thought I should share my expertise on romantic movies. I call myself a secondary expert on romantic movies because they are the only kind of movies my wife will watch. Over the years I’ve watched hundreds with her. So, I’m only an expert because of her. Her favorites are movies based on Jane Austen books. I have to admit though, deep down, I really love Jane Austen movies too. Why? Because they are all so cleverly written in the first place by Ms. Austen, and then most modern day adaptations are so beautifully produced.  The list below is my favorites, not necessarily hers although, her list would be very close, if not the same. Some of these are actually mini-series adaptations, rather than movies.

keira knigh 1. Pride & Prejudice (2005), starring Keira Knightly. As much as we also loved the BBC series from 1995 with Colin Firth, this newer movie is hard to beat. The cinematography is beautiful, the direction is flawless, and the acting and pace are perfect. Great music too.


2. Emma (2009), starring Romola Garai – This was a BBC mini-series – Again, it’s hard to beat the Gwyneth Paltrow film version, but we adore this TV version. Romola Garai has such a fun personality that she is a joy to watch. And, having the extra hours to tell the story brings out the full complexity and brilliance of the match-making plot.


3. Persuasion (2007), starring Sally Hawkins – a BBC movie – This movie portrays the yearning for a lost love so well from a heroin so misunderstood, that it’s impossible not to get pulled into the emotion of it all. Beautifully acted and filmed.

My advice to guys everywhere, is get one of these movies and watch it with your wife. She’ll love it and she’ll love you for watching with her. And, if you’re honest with yourself, you might just love it too.

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